Dr Ooi Yau Wei

Senior Consultant Cardiologist
Senior Interventional Cardiologist

MBBS (S'pore); MRCP (United Kingdom); FAMS (Cardiology); FRCP (Edinburgh); FACC (USA); ACSM (Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist USA)

We have accurate diagnostic cardiac investigative modalities such as in-house electrocardiography (ECG), treadmill tests, transthoracic echocardiogram to answer your questions on difficult cardiac issues and provide second opinions to your clinical problem. Using evidenced-based treatment options such as coronary angioplasty with stents, pacemaker implantation and other interventional treatments, we aim to restore you back to health again.

A Note from our Cardiologist

Thank you for visiting Sozo Cardiology!  A very warm welcome from all of us. The main reason I started private practice was because I wanted to devote more time to each patient—this was a luxury I did not have in institutional practice.  In a specialty like Cardiology, symptoms like chest pain can be the first signs of a serious underlying heart condition.  Not only do I find it vitally important that your condition be expertly evaluated and managed, I believe in understanding my patient’s values, preferences and beliefs in order to empower them and their families to make well-informed decisions.  Your condition must be fully explained to you, and your questions satisfactorily answered.

I also believe in streamlining clinic visits and minimizing waiting time.  From a practical standpoint, at Sozo we’ve built in on-site access to finger-prick blood testing and cardiac investigations such as ECG, treadmill and echocardiogram facilities. Patients can consult, undergo tests and receive results all within the same day.

True to what the Greek word Sozo means, I wish my clinic to be a place where patients are treated with dignity and respect whilst receiving sound and honest treatment.  I want this to be available to them regardless of their socio-economic status.  Sozo Cardiology is meant to be a place where people are restored, healed, and made whole again.

Please browse around, or drop us an enquiry if you have any questions.  We warmly welcome you to Sozo Cardiology.

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Heart Screening

Get a peace of mind whether you are planning to train physically as an athlete or participate in a marathon, enlisting for National Service (NS) or seeking to maintain a healthy heart with any of our screening packages. We have 4 packages to suit all your needs.

Available Packages

Insurance Provider Partners

We are on the panel of cardiologists for the following insurance partners.

Corporate Insurance Providers

Integrated Shield Plan Panels

International Insurance Providers

Media and Patient Education Materials

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