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The incidence of coronary artery disease (blocked heart arteries) has increased exponentially with increasing affluence of modern society. It has now become one of the leading causes of death in the developed world. Having no family history of heart disease or being able to perform vigorous exercise does not preclude one from having underlying coronary or structural heart disease.

Aims of the Screening Packages

The following healthy heart screening packages aim to help you detect risk factors for coronary artery disease and underlying heart disease in their earliest and most treatable stages. This will put you in a good position to begin changing your health in a positive way so as to prevent the development of coronary artery disease and its complications like heart attacks, heart failure, irregular heart rhythms and sudden cardiac death.

Heart Screening Packages

NS Pre-enlistment Screening Package

Cost: $588 (before GST)

Athlete Sports Screening Package

Cost: $788 (before GST)

Heart Evaluation Package

Cost: $388 (before GST)

Comprehensive Heart & Stroke Evaluation

Cost: $888 (before GST)

Saving Hearts, Saving Lives.

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